AM friend Rhinomilk sent some pics of setup for the Paul Insect show at Fifty24F Gallery for our readers to peruse.  This show, his first solo in the States, is entitled “Idea of Freedom” and will open tomorrow night in SF.

“The exhibition aims to bring to our attention how our ‘idea of freedom’ is simply a facade for technology’s overbearing reach into our everyday lives and happiness. How ‘hope’ is measured by new emails and updates on our favorite blogs and sex sites. How the ‘underground’ is now an idea on our computer screens accessible by our fingertips. And how ‘culture’ has been suffocated into transient movements offered as 72-bit post it notes.”

Insect has already been pasting up his famous “baby” images throughout SF in preparation … photos of this after the jump as well as information about a print release.

The image seen above on the wall will be a screen print on aluminum with different colors.  These can be partially seen displayed in our first image.  There will also be a large bronze sculpture of which you can see the legs of in the photo below.

Also the three screen prints seen below (Eye Baby, PCB Mind Baby, and Spiral Brain Baby) will be released at the show in an edition of 40. Sized at 19.5″ x 25″, these will cost $465.

Below is and example of how Insect has been spending his time in the city. Check out more of his work in the gallery below … and come back for the opening night pics!

Photos of setup courtesy of rhinomilk.
Other photos via of slamxhype, upperplayground, and wooster collective.