It’s always tricky when artists attempt to convert their work from 2D to 3D.  It needs to be done in such a way that the sculpture is able to capture the essence of their work and make it instantly recognizable.  Some artists will hire others to bring their vision and ideas to fruition, perhaps because sculpting is not their forte or they rather use their time to concentrate on their primary medium such as painting – for example – Jeremy Fish (recently), Scott Musgrove, or Ryden with his frames.  But, we always give artists who create 3D work with their own hands extra credit, like Yoskay Yamamoto with his Koibito, and the artist we are focusing on here – Allison Sommers.

Allison succeeds on both fronts – working on sculpts of her characters herself as well as creating three dimensional representations that are immediately recognized as hers.  She touched briefly on her foray into sculpting in our interview here, but it seems that she is indeed expanding her universe to include art that we can hold and touch.  She brings the same level of time-consuming detail as well as her quirky humor to life in these two wonderful pieces.  We have more detailed photos for you to enjoy after the jump.

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