Thanks for the nice response to our Eric Fortune article earlier this month. Continuing with our Creative Process feature, the next artist we bring you is – Tin. This particular example is called “Amish Girl Gone Wild” and was painted specifically for this article.  Hear him talk a little about how he develops a painting from concept to completion…after the jump.

“I’ll go to google and type in anything really, the year 1934 for example. I’ll take 30 minutes and just look through images from that year and save anything that looks interesting… It might be something simple like the lighting in a photo or folds in a dress. I’ll save the picture if I feel like I can change it to fit into “my world”. Basically, that just means there are enough elements in the photo that will give some sense of realism combined with what I’m going to imagine. Then, I’ll print it out and use it as moral support. I’ll sketch my idea lightly with a pastel pencil on sennelier la carte pastel card, then using sticks of pastel for the large areas and pastel pencil for detailed stuff, I’ll go to work….”

“I just lay it down and smudge it as it needs be – using my finger as a brush.  Then I’m done….

Wen I’m painting in oil paints, I use gessoed masonite or wood panesl and paint with brushes like a normal person… I recently discovered a new surface to paint on with oils and I’m really excited about the effects (I dont really like my own art so thats saying something) You will be able to see some of those pieces in the February show at Black Maria Gallery.

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