Shepard's remix of Glen's classic work.

Shepard Fairey

We got a chance to check out Gallery 1988’s (LA) Beastie Boys tribute show “Under the Influence,” and what a trip down memory lane! Almost 100 different artists created interpretations of their favorite “Beastie” moments from: Sabotage to Intergalactic, Brass Monkey to Sure Shot, Shake Your Rump to No Sleep Til’ Brooklyn, just to name a few. The artwork really captured the variety of far reaching themes and videos that made the Beastie Boys such an icon since the 1980’s.

Check out the Shepard Fairey’s contribution based on Glen E. Friedman’s photo of the Beasties of yesteryear. If you’ve ever bobbed your heads to their magnetic beats, you should definitely check out this bangin’ show.

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Glen E. Friedman

Glen E. Friedman