The fifth installment of Vivisect Playset is opening up this Friday, December 5th at Gallery 1988 SF (7-10 pm). Luke Chueh (curator since 2004) has said this will be the second to last of this annual show (last one being next year).  Also dropping will be the Greg “Craola” Simkins mini-print set that we had previously talked about – good luck for all those hunting the chase original drawings (example of this as well as full list of artists and preview images we have gathered after the jump)

Greg Simkins mini-print set

Chase original drawing

This years list includes Angry Woebots, Anthony Ausgang, Charlie Immer, Paul Barnes, Jonathan Bergeron, Lindsay Campbell, Luke Chueh, Matt Dangler, Dia, Daniel Elson, Brendon Flynn, Mayuko Fujino, Ghost Patrol, Peter Gronquist, Walt Hall, Moira Hahn, Thomas Han, Melissa Haslam, Mari Inukai, Kamala Dolphin Kingsley, Joe Ledbetter, Lauren Moyer, Alex Pardee, Peek-a-boo, Isaac Pierro, Scott Radke, Amy Sol, Ben Strawn, Roland Tamayo, and Amanda Visell.

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