What a difference a day makes… Well, another 24 hours later and the Manifest Hope DC show is beginning to take shape! What caught our eye during the madness are the installation and works by on site artist Mike Murphy. He has more than a few significant pieces for this show and a crew of over 15 assistants working to get these beauties ready for the opening. Mike was gracious enough to give us a quick overview of the his major pieces.

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Mike constructed a multi-layer light box with Obama’s image.

Mike constructed an image of Obama using over 400 hundred metal coils.

Mike constructed a humongous 18 x 8 feet fist painting out of splashing layers of red, white, blue.

Perhaps the most laborious and time consuming installation is the “Red Cross.” This consists of hundreds of hand carved wood panels which will hang from the ceiling of the gallery to form a gigantic Red Cross.

It starts off with a digital projector to project the images onto the wood in preparation for transposing the images onto the wood.  The wood is then hand carved/cut to get the proper shape. The piece is then sanded smooth for painting. Each piece is hand painted and hung onto the metal bracket which will be raised onto the ceiling.

With even more artwork arriving by the minute and crews hitting the newly delivered Red Bull “castle” with a vengeance, this show looks to be growing into a formidable presence during Inauguration week in Washington DC. We’ll show you the finished Red Cross installation in our official preview post along with all the other hung artwork. Stay tuned!

Red Bull Castle

Red Bull Castle

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