Beginning Sketch --> Final Painting

Beginning Sketch --> Final Painting

Stella Im Hultberg’s show “The Insentient World” (teased) is opening tonight at Roq La Rue showing concurrently with Andrew Hem’s (interviewed) show.  Her show will feature approximately six canvas paintings and six tea-stained paper pieces.  She took a little time out from her busy schedule to work on a creative process feature for our readers focusing on one of her canvas works (12″ x 14″) entitled “Nobody and Everyone Else.”  Take a look after the jump.

  • Loose charcoal sketch based on some tiny thumbnail (i can’t even find the original doodle) I’ve done somewhere. I usually start off with a vague idea.

  • Pretty dirty brush work just to get the basic idea of dark/light, warm/cool, facial expressions…

  • Getting more detailed on the face.

  • Working a little more on the background.

  • After some time away from it, I decide to put some plant type things around.

  • More details…

  • The final piece.

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