Last Rites Gallery, which bills itself as a home for artists that prefer to explore the darker side of their imagination, serves as the perfect backdrop for “Southern,” (previewed) the two-person solo show featuring the work of Brian M. Viveros and Matthew Bone currently on view at the gallery. At AM, we enjoy art that touches a nerve with viewers and garners strong reactions – this show certainly fits the bill.

The crowd at the opening was delighted by the raw and uncut exploration of beauty and sex appeal presented by both artists. Viveros’ women are defiantly unapologetic with their beauty, striking alluring poses and throwing seductive glances while a cigarette dangles phallicly from their lips. Bones’ exploration of the matter is quite different, with his presentation of curvy and voluptuous women who take the phrase “playing with your food” to another level, exploring the fetishes of yeastiality and wet and messy. Google that.

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Photos courtesy of Damien Maurer.
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