On a recent road trip to the Bay Area, AM took the opportunity to visit the studio of Brendan Monroe (interviewed) that he shares with Evah Fan. Although Brendan was only in the early stages of preparing for his next solo show at Richard Heller Gallery, there were still many items of interest to discuss and see. Brendan walked us through his woodworking area, showed us various in-progress sculptures, enlightened us a little about his mixed-media technique and even showed us their vegetable garden. Surrounded by the tools of his trade, beautiful wood grains, samples from all stages of his career and a partner to bounce ideas off of, we can certainly see where all his creative energy comes from.

For those in the Los Angeles area, make sure to head over to Richard Heller Gallery this Saturday, May 23rd, between 1-4 pm to meet Brendan Monroe. He will be signing copies of his first book b.monroe.

Check out all the studio shots after the jump…

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