Bruce LaBruce’s “Untitled Hardcore Zombie Project” at Peres Projects in Culver City is one of those shows that makes you do a complete double take the moment you walk in the door. Describing himself not as a pornographer but “an artist who works in porn,” LaBruce’s specialty is his unique twist on the horror genre, with his inclusion of fanatical groups, zombies and gay sex. More after the jump…

Note: This post contains strong language and adult oriented material of a graphic and sexual nature that some readers may find objectionable. Photos after the jump are NOT WORK SAFE.

Once viewers get over the shock of the explicit material on display, the artistry and ingenuity of LaBruce’s work becomes evident. He truly pushes the bounds of creativity. A great example of LaBruce’s genius is the “gut-fucking scene” from his film “Otto” where “a gay zombie penetrates a hole in the stomach of a fellow gay zombie with his undead cock.” He explains that “Zombie porn is practical: you can create your own orifice!”

“Untitled Hardcore Zombie Project” is a preview of LaBruce’s next movie which is set to begin filming in August, giving patrons a look at the zombie material from his previous works and a site-installation showing the aftermath after a rough night of hardcore zombie sex. If you’re in the Los Angeles area, open your mind, head down to Peres Projects and explore the genius of LaBruce’s world. The show runs through June 27th.

Photos courtesy of Peres Projects.