AM stopped by the Carmichael Gallery to check out the progress of Israeli street artist Know Hope’s first Los Angeles solo debut “the times won’t save you (this rain smells of memory)” (teased) opening tomorrow, Thursday, June 4th. His intricate gallery installation, comprised of paper raindrops, fishing twine and a lot of cardboard was really coming together.

We were equally impressed with Know Hope’s new work for the show. His large mixed-media pieces just keep getting better and we were delightfully surprised to see that Know Hope also created some highly affordable smaller-sized original works.

Get a sneak peek of the pieces from the show, photos of the setup and details about “The Anytimes,” a special newspaper supplement created by Know Hope, after the jump…

“Keep an eye out while browsing your local newspaper this week because you might just find an extra-special supplement inside. Israeli visual and installation artist Know Hope has inserted his own mini-paper, The Anytimes, into various publications in news boxes and stands on the streets of Los Angeles. The Anytimes is a special work of art featuring poetry, ponderings, and classic imagery by one of Israel’s most important young contemporary voices.”

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