Apparently, a 53-foot inflatable rabbit found shelter inside London’s Covent Garden for a little while. Courtesy of one of the biggest Pop artists working today, Jeff Koons, the familiar rabbit is part of the Tate Modern’s current exhibition “Pop Life: Art in a Material World.” It is a floating replica of a figure that was produced in stainless steel in 1986.  That sculpture is currently on display at the Tate.

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The inflatable rabbit has been traveling North America, all over the United States to Canada, but this is the first time it has been in Europe.  Jeff Koons sculptures are always a pleasure to see in person and usually brings smiles and joy to viewers of all ages.  To walk into a splendid setting such as Covent Garden and be surprised by a giant floating rabbit must be a huge thrill.  Pop Life: Art in a Material World runs in the Tate Modern until January 17, 2010.

All event photos by s.butterfly (AM:UK).  Written by: Khoi Nguyen