This past weekend, WK Interact opened his “amped-up” show “How To Blow Yourself Up” at LA’s Subliminal Projects. Unlike his last show at Jonathan Levine (covered), which focused on giant canvas works, this show centered around the intricately designed urban mechanisms and interactive installations which were handcrafted by WK himself. The show was filled with his signature kinetic energy and even the installations seemed to radiate and pulsate with an tense pressure. Viewers that entered the show are greeted by WK’s version of a police booking station, where they are “booked, tagged, and cataloged” with all the other “common criminals” that enter the gallery.

AM had the pleasure of a private screening of the show guided by the man himself. WK explained that the show is themed for the coming 2012 Mayan doomsday prophecy and also on how the mindless assimilation of ads and visual influence destroys our free will. Because of this, WK creates unique methods to combat this impending doom and offers the viewer “alternatives” to take control of your own fate. “Why leave it to someone else break you, when you can blow yourself up?!”

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