Our friends over at the Corey Helford Gallery sent over some preview pics for Kukula’s upcoming show opening this weekend. From the looks of things, cultural artifacts from music and the arts was chosen as one of the themes of this new body of work (painted over the course of 10 months).

Kukula says – “the paintings in this exhibition try to hint at the obscure process by which culture flows in and out of individuals. In several paintings I use music to represent this flow. In others I try to represent the pain and sacrifice the process often involves; in still others the way in which artifacts quickly move beyond their creator’s grasp. As with the two figures holding a ribbon between them, the surgical forceps, pocket watch, teapot and teacup form an exchange of artifacts, but its direction and significance remains mysterious.”

“Immortal Artifacts” opens on December 19th, but for now take a look at some more preview images after the jump…

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