Natalia Fabia’s show at Corey Helford “Hooker DreamEscapes” is opening tomorrow (Feb 21st) in the Culver City art district. Her new body of work as evidenced by the title features plenty of her favorite muses – Hookers! Well, they actually represent any “strong, independent, talented, hot chick” to her. She talks about this as well as her experience at the Art Center, thoughts on painting Pink for the Worlds on Fire show and more in the interview after the jump…

Arrested Motion (AM): Can you tell us a little about this new body of work for Corey Helford? Obviously, a variation on your signature style and imagery but was there how did you choose the title “Hooker DreamEscape?”

Natalia Fabia (NF):  This series is about dreamlike, fantasy settings, whether they are in your mind or real places that you or want to escape to. Maybe it was just me wanting to get away from things, kind of escape real life, and just not have my mind on crap… I wanted to explore situations that help you get away from your own thoughts. Many of the paintings are places and situations that I feel are comfortable and relaxing. There are many paintings in this series that are outdoors with greenery, which I always find calming and relaxing. Some of the girls in the paintings are indulging in sweets and yummy food, which could be an escape as well. I just really wanted everything oriented towards comfort – towards escaping the mundane everyday tasks and feeling like it’s a get away or something that feels good.

AM: It must be asked, and perhaps you have been asked many times before, but why the fascination with hookers?

NF: Well, I was always playfully calling all my girlfriends hookers. I was just obsessed with the word and the idea. Everyone became “hooker”, and everything was “hooker- something” to me. Since I can remember, I have been fascinated with burlesque and pin up girls, basically sexy women in general. The word “hooker” sounded very provocative and sexy to me. I have never used it literally. Actually a definition that I found in a DICTIONARY that I think is amazing: “A hooker is someone who sells their talent or abilities”… so everyone is a hooker! Especially artists! Eventually the term “hooker” has developed to mean a strong, independent, talented, hot chick to me. And I am lucky because all of my friends happen to be hot hookers, and that is who I paint.

AM: Many artists in this scene who are from the greater LA area have had training at the Art Center. How was your experience there? Were you painting the same things then as you were now? How has your work evolved?

NF: My experience at Art center was great! I really loved going to school there. It was one of the best things I have ever done in my life. I met teachers and students there that are now my closest friends. There I was exposed to so many things I could not have done alone. I met many important contacts in the gallery world, and most importantly, I had some of the best painting and illustration teachers.

The theme of what I was painting in school was similar to what I paint now, but definitely more scattered. I was still experimenting with techniques and ideas. I was figuring out who I was. I guess you are always finding and refining yourself… I still am now. The more my work evolved, the more I really found out what I liked and didn’t like.  I continued painting all the time, and it just naturally turned into what it is now. During school, it was nice because you could experiment and not worry about how something would turn out or be received. I always really enjoyed critiques in classes. I like hearing everything that is good and bad in any painting. Now I have friends that are artists come look at my work before a show.

AM: We attended and covered the Worlds on Fire Grammy show a couple weeks ago and saw your amazing painting of Pink. We couldn’t help but think what a perfect pairing of artist and subject. How was your experience with that project? Fan of her music?

NF: I had sooo much fun painting Pink! I actually know her. I painted her years ago, and gave her the painting. It’s funny because we met while I was working at Mel’s Drive In in the valley. At the time, I did not really know her music, but I loved her vibe and her look. I was so drawn to her, and I was always excited to see her. She is an amazing girl and a great example for an independent talented female. (hooker hee hee)

AM: Any projects or show that you can share with us for the rest of 2009?

Yes! I will be having a second Miss Hooker Beauty Pageant this year, probably around May. This one will be even better since I have already done it once, and there is a great possibility for a celebrity comedian to host! A real old school dude. I can not say who the mystery host is yet, but he’s great! I want to do this every year and show how amazingly talented girls out there are! There will be a very fabulous opening number, and the talent and gown competition will be amazing!

AM: Thanks for your time Natalia and good luck with your show.

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