Sometimes, we come across an artist that is making work so fresh and exciting that it completely stops us in our tracks. This is no mean feat when the setting is Basel week. The sheer scale of the event is a bombardment of the senses and after a while you start to forget what you saw where. Not so with Wayne White’s work though. His unforgettable landscape and textural compositions inspired us and proved to be one of the most enjoyable viewing pleasures of the week.

Now, his first gallery show since his ‘solo’ at the Nada art fair, “I Fell 37 miles to Earth 100 Years Ago” (previewed here) is showing at Marty Walker Gallery. The show is hung exquisitely with the bulk of the works presented salon style on one large wall with the Victorian plum coloured paint providing the perfect backdrop to the vintage frames surrounding the canvases. Minimalism then provides the perfect foil to the overhung opposing walls with smaller works and the LSD triptych. So often we see shows slapped together with little regard for presentation, so these photos courtesy of Marty Walker Gallery, are a treat for the eyes.

Enjoy pictures after the jump.

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