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Monthly Archives: April 2010

Openings: David Choe – “Nothing to Declare” @ LAzarides Beverly Hills

Sometimes, we get spoiled at AM with behind the scenes studio visits where we see much of the art work before show openings, but in this case, our visit to David Choe’s (featured) studio definitely did not spoil our appetite for his latest series of works which were revealed at a private opening last night. Similar to the NY Outsiders show, the Beverly Hills-located LAzarides 90210 gallery’s production and lighting were peerless, accentuating and elevating Mr. Choe’s entire show, “Nothing to Declare”, to a whole […]

Recommended openings for this weekend

Los Angeles leads the worldwide charge this weekend with a slew of simply massive shows going off. From the return of David Choe at Lazarides’ Beverly Hills pop-up space and Phil Frost’s much anticipated LA solo debut at Known Gallery to a very ambitious show at Scion curated by Roger Gastman, LA is the place to be yet again this weekend. Catch all the action after the jump.

Preview / Setup: Rooms @ Scion Space

AM swung by Culver City’s Scion Space as a large group of artists, namely Adam Wallacavage, Bill Daniel, Chris Stain, Dan Monick & Caitlin Reilly, Dueling VHS, Justin Van Hoy, Kime Buzzelli, and Rocky Grimes, were busy building out and setting up eight unique and different rooms throughout the massive space.  Curated by Swindle Magazine and “Exit Through the Giftshop” producer Roger Gastman, “Rooms” seems to be a re-visitation of missing youth, an exploration into the minds, hearts, and backgrounds of each artist. More preview […]

Openings: Kristen Schiele – “Elektra” @ Sloan Fine Art

Kristen Schiele’s solo show “Elektra” opened this past Wednesday evening at New York’s Sloan Fine Art. We love Kristen’s use of multiple mediums and her thrilling mixture of oil paint and screen print in her compositions featuring skewed architecture and a cast of 70’s femme noir characters. We recently interviewed Kristen just ahead of this show, and if you missed it first time around you can catch that here. More opening night pictures courtesy of Anna Ortt after the jump.

All they have to do is build

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Openings – Kris Kuksi and Christy Langer “Meticulous Engagements” @ Shooting Gallery

AM recently attended the opening for Kris Kuksi and Christy Langer’s “Meticulous Engagements” (previewed) at the Shooting Gallery in San Francisco. Langer, who first caught our eye at Basel last year and is pictured above, brought a nice mix of large and small resin sculptures, examining the violence and fragility of nature. Kuksi’s works were as impressive as always and though we took plenty of detail pictures, they really need to be seen in person to be believed.  “Meticulous Engagements” ends in two days, the […]

Book Launch: Beyond the Street – The 100 Leading Figures in Urban Art” (London & New York)

Set to be a future bible of the urban and street art scene, Gestalten are soon to publish “Beyond the Street – The 100 Leading Figures in Urban Art”. Compiled and edited by Patrick Nguyen and Stuart Mackenzie, this 400 page monster-sized tome has been over 2 years in the making. To date, we’ve seen some page spreads and sneaked a read of a couple of the wonderfully constructed and insightful interviews contained within the book. Certainly, if you have an interest in this genre […]

Preview: Thomas Doyle – “Collateral Damage” @ Lebasse Projects

New York based artist, Thomas Doyle (featured), has a new body of work prepared for his show this weekend, April 24th, at Lebasse Projects entitled “Collateral Damage.” The appropriately named show features a series of exquisite sculptures of houses set in precariously impossible positions such as upside down and teetering on a cliff on all sides. Yet despite his captivating play on architecture, what draws collectors to Doyle’s work is his ability to capture the human condition and their emotions when thrown into environs that […]

Streets: Banksy in San Francisco (Part II)

Looks like a second possible Banksy piece has been spotted in the Bay Area on Valencia Street with what looks to be an obvious reference to his Cop with Koons Dog stencil in LA that was stolen recently. So, it appears that Mr. B has hit up two out of the three cities in the U.S. where his film premiered (no love for New York?). Take a look at some more detailed shots after the jump of this piece as well as more shots of […]

Video: D.I.Y. America – Os Gemeos

The good people behind D.I.Y. America (who also produced Beautiful Losers), a documentary series, have focused one of their episodes on one of our favorites street artist duos, Os Gemeos. In this video, you can see the twins being interviewed about their work, history, and philosophy and also there is some pretty awesome footage of them in action and their paintings. Take a look at other episodes here. Discuss Os Gemeos here.