Last weekend, AM got the call from D*Face that he was up to some mischief in London, so hopped on the train to go and see what his latest project involved. Remember we showed you the pool D*Face painted in LA last year? What we got was a similarily was great piece of pop-street art fusion here in the UK. D was recently commissioned by skate company REAL to create the artwork for three of it’s riders – Brock, Busenitz and Ramondetta – new signature decks. The decks are due for release in July as a limited edition run of each rider’s deck, and then as a ultra special screen printed edition.

As Justin Brock was flying over for some action in the UK with REAL, D found a covered outdoor spot and built a 4 foot wide vert ramp with a 6 foot transition and 8 foot wall ride – roughly the proportions of a deck, and primed it up ready for painting with the main elements of Brock’s deck design. The exquisite corpse (or is that exquisite head?) style that was used in his recent show at Jonathan Levine Gallery (see our related interview and studio visit plus our pics from the opening) looked good in the linear format incorporating Warhol inspired typography alongside references to Brock’s personality and his Kentucky roots, hence “the colonel’s” mouth, and some other panels we’ll leave you to work out yourself!

We’ll be bringing you some pics of the completed piece and a video of Brock ripping up the ramp soon, but check out more pictures of the painting in progress after the jump.

Take a look at our full unedited set of pictures of the painting process here.
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