With the art world bringing out their big guns this month to kick off the art season, Jonathan LeVine comes out of the gate strong with a new collection of paintings from Alex Gross. As he mentioned in his interview with us leading up to the show, he wanted to push the themes from his last show at the NY gallery (two years ago) even further. As you will see, a good half of the new body of work dealt with the prevalence of technology in our society today and the resultant disconnect in interpersonal relationships – a disconnect that is further emphasized by Alex’s fondness for combining unexpected elements, symbol, and imagery from different eras – hence the title of this show, “Discrepancies”.

AM loves the nostalgic feel we get from the work as we have come to expect from Alex’s use of Victorian and Asian references from generations past, but remixed with modern themes. Make sure you pick of his newest book, similarly named like this show, that was released at the opening if you haven’t already.

Take a look at all the opening pics after the jump…

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