Mark Warren Jacques announces his formal arrival literally in San Francisco with his solo show I’m Here Now, opening this week at Gallery Hijinks, and also metaphorically in the context of the wider art-world.

AM has been keeping tabs on the artist, who was based in PDX before his relocation to the bay area. We’ve watched him go from strength to strength, with a series of both solo and group exhibitions over the last couple of years. Since we interviewed Mark around the time of his solo show in Portland, entitled “Big Beautiful Color,” MWJ told us us that he feels he “has become a professional artist”.

Currently residing in a 5,000 square foot warehouse studio, Mark is feeding his newly found creative energies into his new paintings, and we’re loving the dynamic found within this new body of work. The energy waves used previously in his work take center stage, along with his bold use of color and geometry.

The video above was produced by Mark and Joe Lumbroso, who also produced the ‘Ollie The Mind Gap’ video we showed you a while back, and a natural progression to the ‘Mind Visit’ film we also looked at.

Further information and preview images after the jump.

We’ve professed to being enchanted by the titles of Mark’s paintings previously, but for this show he tells a story with the titles of the work:

A story written in titles.

He ascends to your height and
caresses your tenderest branches
that quiver in the sun

No one knows where we go
when we are dead
and when we’re dreaming

Imagine never being alone

You are the bows from which
your children as living arrows
are sent forth

You & I lay mouth to mouth

Life is so unfair
but I go along
without a care

Silence does not paint the depth of quiet in my heart

I wasn’t there when you made it
but I feel like I’m there when I’m lookin at it

Two loves for the price of none

Love knows not its own depth
until the hour of separation

This title was found written on a paper bag by Mark Warren Jacques in a laundromat in San Francisco.
The author is unknown
The moon was a golden petal

You are a sun appearing

Work is love made visible

The exhibition opens on 16th October 2010. For a copy of the online preview, you can contact [email protected]

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