In George Orwell’s novel “1984,” Room 101 was the torture chamber in which citizens were subjected to direct peril from their own worst fears, anxieties and phobias. The worlds of fine art and graffiti merge within Dale Marshall’s (streets) work and have been used as his own Room 101 for a more positive form of therapy.

The artist, who also goes by the names Vn and Vermin, is open about his history of mental health issues. The duality of the artist and the exhibition echoes Marshall’s schizophrenia, for which he was institutionalized in 1999, and has struggled with ever since. His solo exhibition “Room 101” brings a collection of 101 oil paintings on canvas created over the course of 101 days.

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AM enjoys the concept behind this show, and we think that it may be a treat to see these paintings hung together in one room, as many of the works hold a similar horizon point on the canvas, suggesting an abstract landscape setting has been applied. As a conceptual continuation of the binary themed set of figures, the exhibition opens on 10.10.10, and each of the 50x60cm paintings will be offered at the recession friendly (read, bargain) price of £101.

Orwell’s Room 101 was said to contain “the worst thing in the world“. From the looks of the images of the work we’ve seen, Dale’s Room 101 will be a much more enjoyable experience for willing participants and voyeurs. The exhibition is presented by Art-El Gallery and will be held at The Emporium, Stokes Croft in Bristol. Take a look at some further images from the Vermin studio, plus a preview of some pieces from the show after the jump.

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