Hopefully you caught our interview with Emma Tooth recently just ahead of her London solo opening at the Lazarides Outsiders Gallery, if not you can check it out here. AM went along to the opening of Concilium Plebis to check out the work for ourselves down in the dungeon. We’ve already seen some of the series of paintings before at her recent exhibition at Derby Museum earlier this year, and also when we visited Emma in her studio, but there was a healthy mixture of old and new work in the gallery, including a huge painting based on a classical composition of a crucifixion pose, accompanied by a duo of be-hoodied cherubs.

This combination of old meets new also helps describe the juxtaposition of Emma’s style of chiaroscuro painting, used by many an old master painter, combined with her contemporary subject matter. Take a look at more of our pictures from the opening after the jump.

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