Over the weekend, Tim Barber’s first major US solo exhibition opened triumphantly at OHWOW in Miami. Well-known as the former photo editor of famed Vice Magazine, as well as mastermind behind the innovative tinyvices online gallery where up-and-coming talent is showcased, Barber’s own artistic vision takes center stage with Untitled Photographs, a collection of lyrical images as conceptually captivating as they are technically distinctive.

Much like his contemporaries Dash Snow and Ryan McGinley (with whom the artist is close friends), the New York-based photographer is able capture the everyday and extract the extraordinary, threading both tension and tranquility through his visual narrative with effortless precision. A series of seemingly timeless portraits and landscapes spanning a near ten-year period exhibits a keen compositional eye, where the line between intuitive staging and opportune spontaneity has been blurred to the point of deception. With an air of adventure and nostalgia, this broad-arcing body of work serves as a emphatic introduction from an multi-dimensional artist who has worked for years fostering the careers of countless artists within the contemporary art world and who is now primed to make his own indelible mark in the fine art universe.

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