When it comes to artwork that stops you dead in your tracks and forces you to take a closer look, there are few artists that embody this show-stopping quality quite like Kris Kuski. Exhibiting with Joshua Liner Gallery at SCOPE Miami (teased), the Kansas based artist’s mixed-media assemblages seem to magnetically draw the viewer in close, acutely heightening their levels of perception in an attempt to catch every last nuanced detail. Utilizing a range of materials sourced in a near endless quest, Kris constructs his mesmerizing and haunting sculptures with a watchmaker’s precision and God-like creationism, juxtaposing symbolized deities against the backdrop of tiny minions seemingly arming themselves to the teeth to protect and serve their higher power.

This religious and militaristic iconography, providing prescient commentary on the inextricable roll of divine beliefs in modern warfare, is never more present than with his first bronze sculpture, aptly entitled Churchtank (Type 9), which debuted publicly for the first time during Art Basel Week. Produced in an edition of 10 and available exclusively through the New York gallery, this brilliantly sculpted work is truly a site to behold.

Check out more detailed images of the bronze and his wall sculptures after the jump.

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