Solve et Coagula

As we move into the holiday season and a lull in the art world, there are still some shows worthy of attending before the end of the year.  One such is Marion Peck’s What You Are, So Once Were We for Sloan Fine Art opening on December 16th. The new body of work includes paintings, smaller sepia-toned portraits, and sculptural work that draws inspiration Victorian sensibility and challenges our contemporary relationship with death. As she explains, “Looking into the face of a stranger, someone who had a name, someone who lived a life and then died long ago, I am filled with a strange sensation. It is as though I am looking at a ghost. There is a connection between me, one of the living, and them, one of the dead.”

Also, Marion Peck’s first fine art monograph, Animal Love Summer, will be released on December 18th (3-5pm) where she will be available for a signing. The publication is a 128-page, full-color survey, with works spanning 1993 to 2010, and essays by artist/educator Aaron Smith and Peck herself.

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Photos via the gallery.
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