Robert Hardgrave is set to reveal the newest chapter of his experimental work in free-form abstraction this Friday, December 17th at the David B. Smith Gallery. Gaining traction over the years with his organic and psychedelic compositions, the Seattle based artist appears to have tapped into whole new realm of expression with his newest body of work, Relic. While still incorporating some of his more conventional richly rendered acrylic paintings, the exhibition also takes the viewer in a new direction, showcasing a series of “sculptural” works realized through the re-engineering of unused or deliberately dismantled paintings. Colorful canvas shards are sewn back together in patchwork fashion resulting in dynamic forms that retain the abstract aesthetic synonymous with the artist’s work while gaining a unique dimensionality. An intriguing exploration has unfolded and should prove a worthwhile experience for those in and around the Denver area.

Check out a few preview images after the jump.