Fifty24SF opened its doors to London-based artist Insa’s exhibition last Thursday night in San Francisco. During the week leading up to this event, Insa was busy painting up the town as well as filling up the gallery with paint fumes during the creation of his amazing stop motion video installation. The show included spray paint works on plexiglass (some of which incorporated moving parts and LEDs), prints featuring his signature motif, a sculpture, as well as photography featuring his work with beautiful women.

See more photos from the opening as well as the stop motion video… after the jump.

Video installation. Animation courtesy of the artist and gallery.

Works on plexiglass... the one on the left features fading LEDs and the other has a moving wheel to give the piece a hypnotizing effect.

Scott (bike pimp) & Natalie (model) in font of their collaboration with Insa (thanks to Janine for the photo)

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