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Openings: Sam Flores – “Lion and the Lamb” @ Fifty24SF

Last week, Fifty24SF hosted Sam Flores’s long awaited San Francisco exhibition entitled Lion and the Lamb. This is the local artist’s first solo showing in the city in nearly 5 years, and he decided to showcase his new body of work with the company that he has consistently collaborated with in the past on his 12 Grain clothing line (Upper Playground). Fans queued up the street to meet the long admired artist, and were greeted by a custom wall division installation as well as a […]

Openings: Saner – “Corazon Sangrante” @ Fifty24SF

On a wet Friday evening, Fifty24SF hosted Mexico City-based artist Saner’s latest exhibition entitled Corazon Sangrante (Bleeding Heart). The show is made up of a series of paintings and drawings (some of which have burn and stitching elements) with his signature characters fitted with animalistic masks in situations that reflect what he observes around him in everyday life. Saner explains the issues expressed in the show’s works are ones that “consume the body of a society that is getting closer to its destruction, unless the […]

Openings: Rene Almanza – “Stranger” @ Fifty24SF

Last Thursday evening, Monterrey, Mexico-based artist, Rene Almanza unveiled a series of 50 20″x18″ graphite/watercolor paintings at Fifty24SF. The show is entitled Stranger, the definition which the artist states as “a foreigner, a resident alien, one in the house of another as a guest, visitor, or intruder, a person or thing that is unknown or with whom one is unacquainted, one who does not belong to or is kept from the activities of a group, one not privy or party to an act, contract, or […]

Openings: San & Escif – “See you in Croatan” @ Fifty24SF

Spanish artists, San and Escif finally made their stop at Fifty24SF on Thursday for the opening of their show See you in Croatan. For the past month, the two friends have journeyed all along the coast of California, gathering inspiration to create works on walls and paper and documenting it on their blog, EL TERCERO EN CUESTIÓN. Regarding their project, “the mission was to work as far away as possible from doctrines, imperialisms and linear reasoning, searching for beauty in errors and fortuitous tools, working […]

Openings: Insa – “More” @ Fifty24SF

Fifty24SF opened its doors to London-based artist Insa’s exhibition last Thursday night in San Francisco. During the week leading up to this event, Insa was busy painting up the town as well as filling up the gallery with paint fumes during the creation of his amazing stop motion video installation. The show included spray paint works on plexiglass (some of which incorporated moving parts and LEDs), prints featuring his signature motif, a sculpture, as well as photography featuring his work with beautiful women. See more […]

Openings: David Choe – “Character Assassination” @ Fifty24SF

David Choe opened his latest show, “Character Assassination” last Thursday night at FIFTY24SF. Choe, who has deep ties with both the Bay Area, as well as the Upper Playground family, brought an incredibly large turnout for his long awaited SF return. The reason attendees waited for upwards of thirty minutes to check out the show? Mostly because it was awesome! David came with enough artwork to fill two galleries, giving fans a chance to check out almost every limited edition print he’s ever done as […]

Studio Visits: David Choe

AM swung by David Choe’s satellite studio for a visit as the artist was preparing for his upcoming show at  FIFTY24SF.  Choe, who lives and works in New York City, has deep roots with both Los Angeles and the Bay Area and has maintained a makeshift studio a half hour south of San Francisco for the past two years.  Part recording studio, part screen print press, this live/work space provides the ideal creative getaway for the ever traveling artist.  David opened his doors for a […]

Teaser: David Choe – “Character Assassination” @ FIFTY24SF

David Choe will be returning to his roots this February 5th with a solo show at FIFTY24SF. Interestingly enough, David’s first gallery show ever, almost a decade ago, was at the fledgling FIFTY24SF gallery. For “Character Assassination,” Choe will be bringing a new body of paintings and prints – even some that were believed to be long sold out.  David recently sent us a teaser pic, however, we had to put it after the jump as it’s NSFW, not that anything David does should ever […]

Releases: Alex Pardee’s Digested Rainbow Giclee

Releasing later today is Alex Pardee’s “Digested Rainbow” giclee. “Digested Rainbow” was one of the standout pieces from his “Letters from Digested Children” show that we covered last year at FIFTY24SF. Limited to an edition of 50, the giclee comes signed and numbered and measures in at 17″ x 22″. Available sometime today through Hi-Fructose.

Video: Herbert Baglione – “The Dark Wave” @ FIFTY24SF

We hope you enjoyed the our photos from Herbert Baglione’s latest solo show, “The Dark Wave” at FIFTY24SF gallery. The gallery recently posted up a video of the influential Brazilian street artist at work as he prepared for a show in Porto Alegre last year – a facinating look at his creative process. Discuss this show here.