Spanish artists, San and Escif finally made their stop at Fifty24SF on Thursday for the opening of their show See you in Croatan. For the past month, the two friends have journeyed all along the coast of California, gathering inspiration to create works on walls and paper and documenting it on their blog, EL TERCERO EN CUESTIÓN. Regarding their project, “the mission was to work as far away as possible from doctrines, imperialisms and linear reasoning, searching for beauty in errors and fortuitous tools, working with intuition and hazard; trying to light relations, transitions and processes; working with research as the way itself; understanding chaos as an ideal space for creation”. The product of their journey was on display at the opening, which consisted of an installation of various drawings, paintings, sketches, keepsakes and photographs inspired by places they have visited, such as Death Valley, Tijuana, Yosemite, Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Check out photos from outdoor works they have done recently in San Francisco, as well as photos taken for us by Berlin Tomas at the opening after the jump…

Mural done on the corner of Oak and Scott.

Piece being painted in the backyard of the Upper Playground store (photo courtesy of Fifty24SF)

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