Little Drifters - Project

Mr. Booooooom (that’s seven o’s), Jeff Hamada, will be one of the artists joining the POW WOW crew as they get together for their live painting today. Although you may be more familiar with his website Booooooom, known for introducing new artists as well as their interactive projects with their readers (ie: the Little Drifters – project), Jeff is also an artist himself.  We learn a little more about him in the interview after the jump…

Hack Jobs - Project

Arrested Motion (AM): We and most of our readers are probably familiar with your website Booooooom, but we didn’t realize you were an artist yourself although it would make sense. Can you tell us a little about your art and your background?

Jeff Hamada (JH): I went to college for fine art and also have a degree in film. I really enjoy writing so a lot of my work involves text or stems from words I’ve written down in a journal. I try to incorporate humour into everything I make, and I mainly use pencil crayons and ink.

AM: How do you feel being around other creatives in group setting changes your art-making?

JH: I’ve never made personal work in a shared art space before so it will be a fairly new experience for me. But when I worked at Electronic Arts I sat with seven other artists in the concept art department and that probably had the greatest impact on the way I make work now. Being able to feed off each others’ ideas instantly and discovering new ways to create, it was the best. It’s something I miss now.

Wild Things’ Forts - Project

AM: Have you ever been to Hawaii? Any plans on things you want to do or see while you are there not related to the event?

JH: I have been to Hawaii a couple times. I actually met Jasper in Hawaii while I was on vacation with some friends and he took us around to a bunch of amazing spots that I’ll never be able to find again. I’m looking forward to spending time with the other artists more than seeing any particular sights. A luau would be fun though!

AM: Any plans for your website or yourself personally for the rest of 2011 that you can share with us?

JH: I’m working on a bunch of personal projects and several big things for Booooooom. I’ve joined forces with a fun American company to produce an artist series for one of their products. I don’t want to reveal too much right now but I picked a theme and commissioned a few of my favourite artists to be involved. I’m also really excited about a project we’re doing with The National Film Board of Canada later this year.

These days Booooooom is growing so rapidly that I don’t spend a lot of time trying to attract a larger audience, I’m more concerned with making the site fun for everyone who is already familiar with it. This year my goal is to work with some companies who will enable me to do things I couldn’t do on my own, and push myself to the point of failure. If 2012 rolls around and everything has been a success it means I didn’t dream big enough.