Last Saturday saw the grand opening of OHWOW Gallery’s Los Angeles location. Batting in the lead-off exhibition spot was New York’s tattoo rooted artist Scott Campbell with his latest body of work entitled Noblesse Oblige (previewed). The name of the show implies that “whoever claims to be noble must conduct their life accordingly and in a manner that conforms to one’s position.” In other words, keep it real. Certainly something that Campbell has lived by as shown by a recent torching of his show in Mexico, of which some of the burned pieces were on display at the gallery. In addition to his signature cut currency pieces, we also observed different mediums such as ostrich eggs, black light neon tubing and copper plates.

If you’re in town before April 22nd, you should definitely check it out. More photos by Taiyo Watanabe after the jump.

Rosson Crow looking good.

Pics courtesy of our friend Taiyo Watanabe.
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