Tessar Lo

This Friday night, Tessar Lo and Andrew Hem (interviewed) will inject the Toronto art scene with some of their signature imagery at the Show & Tell Gallery. With MAPS, Tessar continues to expand on the the colorful and the abstract that we have become familiar with since his solo at his hometown gallery last year (covered). To learn more about this new body of work that seems to explore the world between the dream and wakeful state, check out an interview with Mr. Lo on Erratic Phenomena.

For his part, Andrew Hem, who recently completed a sweet mural at the LA Art show (covered), will be exploring some mediums besides the paintings we have come to expect from him – stencils and sculpture.  Hem’s new collection of works is entitled Building from the Ground Up.

Take a look at more preview images from both artists after the jump…

Andrew Hem

Some photos via Erratic Phenomena.
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