Neil Farber & Michael Dumontier

Matthew Feyld seems to be a regular on flights between Canada and Sweden of late. After two solo exhibitions and a residency at Krets in Malmö, and a solo and residency at Neon in Brösarp last year, Feyld is taking on the curation of the forthcoming group exhibition at Krets – Family Shirt.

The exhibition opens on April 9th, and is to feature a selection of Canadian artists across the mediums of painting, drawing, sculpture and sound. Feyld’s work is featured alongside The Royal Art Lodge’s Neil Farber & Michael Dumontier, Jason Mclean, Marc Bell, Amy Lockart, Les Ramsay, Jaret Penner, Mark Delong, Simon Redekop, Jay Issac, James Kirkpatrick, Jamie Q, Beau Labute, Peter Thompson, Jeff Ladouceur and Darrin MacAdam. Meanwhile, Museums Press just released a hot off the presses zine from Matthew Feyld, featuring a series of his drawings. Go here to grab a copy.

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Matthew Feyld

Farber & Dumontier

Amy Lockhart

James Kirkpatrick

Jamie Q

Jeff Ladouceur

Jaret Penner

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