With a relationship first spawned during The Armory Show earlier this year (covered), Matthew Palladino will continue to strengthen the newly formed partnership with New York’s Fredericks & Freiser next week. Opening Thursday, May 5th, the exceptionally talented Philadelphia-based artist will serendipitously reprise the timing of his exhibition, Wonder Box (covered), from the same weekend last year with four new paintings on tap for the gallery’s Project Room, each accentuating Palladino’s technical strengths and conceptual idiosyncrasies in all their charmingly bizarre glory as if screen grabs from some demented unreleased version of Sim City. Uniquely blending the superflat style, campy compositions, and wry wit at the core of his work, this should prove the perfect opportunity for an artist on the brink of a major breakout to further share his vision on the biggest art stage in the world.

Check out a full preview of the remaining thee paintings after the jump…

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