Australian-based artist Rod Luff’s exhibition, The Moleskin Project (previewed) opened last Thursday, which also signified the first show put on at Spoke Art in San Francisco. As the title of the exhibition suggests, the show is comprised of framed and unframed pages taken from Rod’s moleskin that contained an array of oil paintings, studies, thoughts and sketches that he produced in his spare time over the course of a year. Some of the pieces served as studies for later works and others were simply just ideas the artist wanted to put onto paper. Since all of the artwork were once part of a moleskin, the pieces are reasonably priced and many of them have artwork on both sides.

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Bonus: the back of some of the framed moleskin pages is… more art! (photo courtesy of Spoke Art)

Photogenic new gallery owner, Ken Harmon and Rod Luff.

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