One stop for Ryan McGinness while he is in Los Angeles for a slew of exhibitions and related events will be Subliminal Projects on June 11th. He’s creating a new body of work based on corporate logos and sponsorship entitled Sponsorship Redux. There will be four paintings and two print editions based on McGinness deconstructing the corporate sponsors’ logos and integrating them into his pieces. The exhibition is followup of his 2003 BlK/Mrkt Sponsorship project where corporation logos were displayed in prominence correlated to their level of sponsorship. The more dough, the more show, so to speak.

Another cool note, this time, you don’t have to be a large corporation to participate. From as little as $200, your company can be included in this show. If you have interest please contact Kurt (at) colab-projects (dot) com. Check out images from the 2003 exhibition after the jump.

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