Following up on the sultry success of the first installment of Women: The Blacklight Paintings during Art Basel Week at South Beach’s Club Madonna (covered), Ryan McGinness will yet again be teaming up with Country Club and The Standard to initiate part two of the event-based project during this years Armory Week in New York. This time, fluorescent painted dancers will flock to the rooftop club Le Bain at The Standard NY, serving as the performance art backdrop to McGinness’ Blacklight Paintings. The impending party will act as the perfect encore bash to the one thrown last month at Phillips de Pury for his mesmerizing Black Holes exhibition (covered). A set of stag party playing cards, aptly dubbed Blacklight Nudie Cards, along with an exclusive blacklight print will be produced to mark the event and will be available at The Standard. And to complete the trifecta, it sounds as if plans are already in order to bring this party to Los Angeles in May, exporting some Blacklight love out to the West Coast.

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