Ryan gave us a sample of his blacklight treatment at this studio.

New York may be freezing this time of the year, but for the holidays it has some of the coolest displays of public visuals. From Rocafeller Center to the Empire State Building, everything lights up for the hustle and bustle in the streets. This year, Ryan McGinness has created a special treat for the people who happen by Chelsea. Starting tomorrow a special exhibition Black Holes will be open at Phillips de Pury’s 15th St. location (Mon-Fri 10am-6pm).

But wait there’s more. If you remember Ryan’s work down at Basel Week Miami (here & here), he utilized his special blacklight reactive ink to breathe another dimension of color and graphic to his paintings. For this exhibition, fans will be able to walk up to the Highline to look back into the gallery space where these works can be seen in their full blacklight glory – a painted installation to work with his paintings that can be seen AFTER the sun sets (around 4:30pm). Indeed, it’ll be a special treat for those in NYC for the holidays.

Check out a sneak peek of the Phillips floor plan fro Ryan’s computer after the jump.

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