Contemporary artist Jeremy Geddes (interviewed) has yet again blown the minds of his fans with the revealing of a recently completed painting. As was the case with his cosmonaut piece included in the Hi-Fructose Group Invitational earlier this year, this is nothing new for the Australian-based artist, who’s mastery of oil paints, attention to detail, and dramatic compositions are truly a sight to behold. The new work, entitled A Perfect Vacuum, departs from Geddes’ much loved cosmonaut series, instead taking a page out of his older, more cinematic repertoire. One of the books in the painting itself, A Perfect Vacuum is the title of a book of short stories by Stanislaw Lem, perhaps best known for the sci-fi novel Solaris, in which the satirical Polish author wrote imaginary reviews of completely nonexistent books addressing topics of philosophy, science, cosmology, and even pornography.

The first in a new loosely connected series of works presumably to be produced for Jem’s solo at the Jonathan Levine Gallery in spring 2012, his first major showing of work since 2009’s Hong Kong exhibition (covered) with Ashley Wood, the painting captures his exceptional photorealistic command of light, movement, tension, and emotion. Another masterpiece from an artist who seemingly has an inability to create anything but, a testament to his distinct vision and tireless work ethic. Stay tuned for release details, as it has been indicated it will be produced as a limited-edition print, perhaps at the same scale as the original (50cm by 88cm).

Check out some impressive detail shots after the jump.

Images from Jem’s blog.
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