KAWS & DJ Questlove

Earlier in the week, we watched Kaws’ iconic Passing Through Companion touch down in the front yard of The Standard Hotel after its little tour of Hong Kong and Connecticut. This unveiling of Kaws’ first major public art installation in NYC was cause for celebration and the hotel hosted a party at their exclusive Boom Boom Room. AM was in attendance among many of the artist’s other friends and peers from the worlds of art, fashion and entertainment got together to celebrate. Attendees included Lisa Anastos, Daniel Arsham, Honor Fraser, Jose Parla, Richard Phillips, China Chow, Kenny Scharf, Julia Chiang, Annabelle Dexter-Jones, Sophia Lamar, Patrick Li, Jazzy De Lisser, Craig McDean, Andre Saraiva, Shontelle, Emma Snowdon-Jones, Rufus Wainwright, Dennis and Coralie Paul while DJ ‘s Quest Love and Samantha Ronson cut the tracks and Hennessy kept us happy through the night.

Check it after the jump.

Richard Phillips & KAWS

Rey Parla, Al Moran, KAWS, Jose Parla

Honor Fraser & Julia Chiang

DJ Questlove

Kaws & DJ Samantha Ronson

Want to get into the act? Well our friends at the Standard Culture has created a post your Photo of the Companion page on it’s website. Go post your pics here! (We just did.)

Images by Billy Farrell Agency
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