This past Thursday night, Post No Bills unveiled an impressive collection of work detailing the artistic trajectory of the Brooklyn-based duo known as Faile (featured). Covering the major part of an entire decade, the exhibit featured a vast collection of limited edition prints (two specific for this show), originals, silkscreen on book covers, and other archived material which in fact had never been available to the public. No puzzle boxes as predicted, but there were some puzzle blocks that were added to the huge installation in the middle of the showspace.

The Patricks, who are well recognized for their distinctive street art work (including a recent piece just down the street), covered the gallery’s walls with their signature style which utilizes the mixture of stenciling techniques and iconography. Whether it’s comic inspired imagery or political symbols, the work shown during the exhibit points to Faile’s exploration of how endless images flood our social landscape. So in essence, the gallery was not only an exploration of the duo’s artistic timeline, but also a study of how endless iconography surround the person from all directions. They like to bombard the eye with as much as possible, which may not be too different from advertising techniques. However, in Faile’s landscape, they expect the viewer to fill in the gaps and ultimately give meaning to the work on hand. The duo lays the groundwork of arresting the visitor with a collage of images, which is what they do best, and at the same time they invite the viewer into a discussion.

So, for anyone interested in entering this visual conversation, the public opening is tonight at 1103 Abbot Kinney Blvd. in Venice Beach, California at Post No Bills, which by the way will be Lazarides‘ new LA space. Many more photos after the jump…

Wall of book covers

Prints specific for this show

Unintentional camouflage?

Photos and article by Carlos Gonzalez.
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