It seems more and more artists are moving towards using Kickstarter as an avenue to fund their creative projects.  We’ve touched on some before like next year’s POW WOW, the Kenny Scharf documentary, and Kevin Cyr’s Camper Kart, but this next idea we bring you is just as worthy of your support.

Brooklyn-based Swoon has a dream of building a permanent interactive structure in the Bywater neighborhood of New Orleans that she will call Dithyrambalina. “It will look like a house, but it will function like a musical instrument with a group of local and national sound artists working towards interactive instruments that can be built into its walls and floorboards so that visitors can bring the house to life through their touch. Ultimately, musicians will be invited to play the house, performing orchestrated works at block parties for their friends and neighbors. This project is for the love of New Orleans – its architecture, music, culture and its people.” If you are interested in supporting this endeavor watch the video and go here (there are incentives).

Via The World’s Best Ever.
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