The Cyrcle. crew.

Early last week, we gave you a studio visit with the three-man art collective known as Cyrcle. as they were preparing for the first solo show. Well, this past Thursday, their exhibit debuted over at Design Matters and the event helped the group take a step forward in their development as artists. Although they are mostly known for their street art campaigns which have included wheat paste art and a handful of murals, this solo exhibit helped them take their technique into a whole new direction.

Using the motto “We Never Die”, the new artwork had a theme that resonated from one piece to the other whether it was the dead small insects or an art piece which featured old street art stickers reborn as a collage. The show had over forty pieces for sale and they also included several collaborations with artists David Flores, Random Act, and Gosha Levochkin. The show’s centerpiece however was a large skull decorated with flowers which is based on a 2D image that the group has utilized during their street art campaigns. Seeing this sculpture up close was enough to bring in the crowds of people and if anything, this type of artwork may hint to bigger and better things from the Cyrcle. crew. It should be interesting to see how they can evolve from this point forward, but it’s a good start for a group of artists who are finding their voice and exploring different ways to deliver their message and style.

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A fourth member? No, just Will Smith joining in on the fun.

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