It’s been a while since we’ve caught up with artist Agata Oleksiak aka Olek. Last time, she took on Wall Street and its famous charging bull and this time, she’s exhibiting her works in a solo at Jonathan LeVine Gallery. The show title The Bad Artist Imitate, The Great Artists Steal may sound familiar because you probably saw it mentioned most recently fromĀ Banksy at his Bristol Museum show and previously from master Pablo Picasso.

Being a performance artist, she got a few helpers to become interactive with her art and installation. Olek knitted entire head to toe camo-outfits for several people who then became part of her artwork. Of course, the creative goodness doesn’t stop with pieces inside the gallery. Out on the streets, she got her knit on with shopping carts, bicycles and even a scissor lift.

Check out all out after the jump.

Lonely shopping cart installation waiting for someone...

Neon crochet dude was in the shopping cart for a long time... but at least the Shopping Cart dream was fulfilled.

Olek is not slouch as she crocheted her performers close to game time

Malena & Olek

Whoa... the colors are making me dizzy...

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