A couple weeks back, we brought you coverage of LUDO’s (interviewed) recent US street art tour, as well as reference to his upcoming show with High Roller Society in London. We now have some tasty preview images to share from what will be the French artist’s second solo exhibition of the year.

Opening Friday, September 9th, Metamorphosis will see LUDO continue the evolution of his signature Frankenstein-esque, green-tinged creatures, much like was seen during his impressive Zurich show, La Belle Vie (covered), back in April. The new body of graphite and oil paintings, while still riffing on familiar political themes, will take on a more personal feel, as the Parisian street artist gets a little nostalgic with some childhood inspirations and references. To accompany the original works on paper and sculptures, a print and his first book, with introduction by Marc and Sara from the Wooster Collective, will be available from the gallery.

Check out a couple more preview images after the jump.

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