Downtown LA

Anthony Lister (interviewed) made unbelievably good use of his time when he was in Los Angeles recently for a show at HVW8 getting up all around town. With no less than eight different murals accounted for, we’ll be splitting them up into two articles to make them easier for fans to digest. Starting things off will be the piece he did in Downtown LA (Setup by L.A. Free Walls & Brooklyn Street Art) seen above and then we will move on to the HVW8 gallery parking lot, De La Barracuda, and Melrose.

All these murals as well as detailed pics by Carlos Gonzalez after the jump…

Downtown LA (detail)

HVW8 parking lot

HVW8 parking lot (detail)

De La Barracuda Wall 1

De La Barracuda Wall 1 (detail)


Melrose (blurred view)

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