Tre' Packard and Aaron Glasson of PangeaSeed holding up a Josh Keyes print with a fan.

Last Friday evening, Spoke Art Gallery hosted the opening of Sink or Swim (previewed), a benefit for the Japan-based grass roots organization PangeaSeed, whose goal is to raise international awareness on the plight of sharks. The show included literature, photos, artwork and members of PangeaSeed creating a dialogue as to why we must preserve and protect sharks and their habitat.

Before the show even opened, over 100 fans lined up (some as early as 9 in the morning) down the block in order to buy the Scorch I print from Josh Keyes . The show also included prints and original artwork Dan May, Dave Kinsey, Ingri Haraldsen, Jen Lobo, Jessica Ward, Kevin Earl Taylor, Mike Stilkey, Paul Chatem, Roland Tamayo and more and only ran until Sunday, but you can still keep an eye out on the PangeaSeed website for additional print releases, or contact Spoke Art for artwork inquiries. All proceeds from this exhibition goes to help save the sharks.

Check out pics from the evening after the jump…

First in line!


Cool Dave Kinsey painting...


Cool piece by Craig "Tapecat" McCudden... on scratchboard. Looks shiny.


Very friendly shark greeting gallery goers... didn't bite anyone.


Ryan McGuire of Thunder High Chief and his piece


Akira of PangeaSeed spreading the word.


Mike Stilkey


Whoa... wear the glasses & this piece is 3D!

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