In what may tragically be the last Cosmonaut series work ever, at least according to the Australian artist himself, Jeremy Geddes (interviewed) has just completed a highly detailed, yet surprisingly small (14.5″ x 22.8″) painting, entitled Warmer Air. While perhaps not as intricate or refined as his larger works, the “small and fast” painting has some of the finest brushwork ever by Jem’s own standards. The painting blends his affinity for cinematic-esque compositions, with a deft sense of lighting, meticulously rendered architectural landmarks, and an overall melancholic emotional resonance.

In response to the lightning quick sellout of his last print release, A Perfect Vaccum, there are plans to release the piece as an affordable timed-release, both at a standard size as well as a mini print (akin to the Cluster study), so as to allow everyone who has the desire to enjoy it in their collection. Jem has already received a first proof which he is pleased with but will most likely order another. Still, release should be anticipated within the next week or two. Stay tuned for more details regarding the release, as well as updates on his show early next year in New York City.

Check out a more detailed look at the painting after the jump.

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