The man never stops. And for that, we are grateful. After a quick stop in Valencia, Blu has since journeyed north into the heart of Spain to partake in Avant-Garde Urbano in the cozy town of Tudela de Navarra. With signature iconography and social commentary, the ubiquitous Italian artist kicks things off at this inaugural street art event, the likes of which have sprung up at an unprecedented rate throughout Europe as a tool to attract tourists and bring money into the community.

The festival aims to use “artistic interventions in the urban space” as a means for generating dialogue regarding the conservation of culture and preservation of architecture within the increasingly debilitated city center. Heightened awareness through street art is a creative and effective way to unify the community. Among the other artists who will leave their mark on the perfectly aged walls between September 26 – 30 will be El Mac and Suso33, with an official opening ceremony and artist conference occurring on Thursday, September 29th.

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Photos via the festival.
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