Regular readers of AM may recognise the name Lawrence Epps as he is one of our contributors here in the UK. Lawrence is also a ceramicist based in Cambridge, and we wanted to share with you a project he is working on at the moment.

This Wednesday, September 28th, Lawrence is unleashing an interventionist street drop at dawn in both London and Stoke-On-Trent to coincide with his participation in the British Ceramics Biennial, which runs from September 30th until 13th November in the heart of the Potteries – Stoke-On-Trent. Lawrence will drop 6000 of his ceramic figures around the commuter routes of Stoke and London for people to find, take away and enjoy.

Wage-slaves everywhere will more than likely resonate with Lawrence’s work, so keep your eyes peeled on your daily commute on the way to the office before you settle down into the cubicle for the day. Amongst the pieces to be shown at the Biennial, Human Resources uses thousands of the clay figures piled atop each other in an intelligent use of a traditional medium in a contemporary, and topical context. With the ever increasing pool of workers being left on the scrap-heap due to economic conditions in cities just like Stoke – right across the globe; his work should relate to many.

Read more about the project and interact with the artist should you find any of the figures here. Happy hunting and more pictures after the jump.

Human Resources

Human Resources - installation

Human Resources - detail

Human Resources - detail